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About the Sac State OEMBA

We are the Organization of Executive MBAs at Sacramento State.



Our organization comprises the OEMBA board, EMBA graduates and current students, and Sac State College of Business faculty and staff. Membership is automatic; once you're enrolled in the EMBA program, you're a member of the OEMBA.

Our Mission:  

To connect, engage and enrich our EMBA community and enable lifelong networking, learning, and success.  


Our Vision:

To be the go-to resource among Sac State EMBA community by providing opportunities for networking, mentorship, professional development, and community engagement.  


Our Values: 

  • We lead with a servant attitude.  

  • We strive for diversity and inclusion. 

  • We listen to our community and thoughtfully consider their opinions.  

  • We are transparent in our actions and intentions. 

  • We act with respect and compassion. 

DEI Statement:

The OEMBA board at the 2022 holiday party

The OEMBA is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. We abide by the DEI policies of Sacramento State.

The Board

The OEMBA Board governs the organization. We hold monthly virtual meetings, which OEMBA members are invited to attend. If you have questions for any of us, please email

Lisa Duncan, board co-chair

Lisa Duncan (Intel 15), Co-chair

  • Responsibilities: Lead strategic planning initiatives and oversee board governance responsibilities

  • Fun thing about me:  I can’t smoke a turkey but can make a mean smokey old-fashioned. I’m easily addicted to word games, and if reading typos were a language, I’d be fluent.

  • Term ends June 30.

Chris Leister, board co-chair

Chris Leister (Intel 15), Co-chair

  • Responsibilities: Lead strategic planning initiatives and oversee board governance responsibilities

  • Fun thing about me: I love playing soccer almost as much as Cristiano Ronaldo loves his own reflection (Messi > Ronaldo). I also enjoy wakeboarding, wakesurfing, and pretty pivot tables.

  • Term ends June 30.

Nelson Chu, secretary & events co-coordinator

Nelson Chu (Intel 11), Secretary & Events Co-coordinator

  • Responsibilities: Meeting caregiver and additional support for the Board

  • Fun thing about me: There’s nothing more fun or soul-satisfying than hanging out with family and friends. If attempting to play golf is added to the mix, even better!

  • Term ends June 30.

Karen Cristello, marketing & communications officer

Karen Cristello (Intel 14), Marketing & Communications Officer

  • Responsibilities: Manage the strategic communications calendar and provide consistent outreach to our EMBA community

  • Fun thing about me: I’m a travel fiend! Lived in beautiful Japan for four years and traveled to 40+ countries. I also love camping and playing with paper, paint, wax, metal, stones, and fabric.

  • Term ends June 30.

Elena Dodi, social media officer

Elena Dodi (VSP 3), Social Media Marketing Officer

  • Responsibilities: Social media management 

  • Fun thing about me: I’ve lived and worked on 6 continents. (Gotta figure out how to live with the penguins in Antarctica!) I’m passionate about hiking, paddleboarding and social dancing.

  • Term ends June 30.

John Kozitza, board member at large

John Kozitza, Member at Large

  • Responsibilities: General assistance

  • Fun thing about me: I don't drink but I make an awesome fresh margarita!!! And I love bringing vegan donuts to current cohorts.

Shivang Pandya, technology officer

Shivang Pandya (Intel 15), Technology Officer

  • Responsibilities: Implement and maintain all technologies used by the board

  • Fun thing about me: I can communicate in English, Hindi, Gujarati, and Spanish. And I love to play drums—look out, John Bonham and Neal Peart!

  • Term ends June 30.

Shefali Tamakuwala, treasurer & events co-coordinator

Shefali Tamakuwala (Intel 16), Treasurer & Events Co-coordinator

  • Responsibilities:  Support event planning, safeguard funds, maintain records, and report financial status.

  • Fun thing about me: I have lived in eight different cities in 25 years of living in the U.S. and have called Sacramento my home for the last seven years. I love trying out new cuisines, celebrating life and will pick an Old Fashioned over wine any day!

Dr. Pooria Assadi, faculty program director
Maleeha Khan, executive director, grad programs, COB
Serena Hoffman, graduate programs advisor

Board Advisors, left to right:

  • Dr. Pooria Assadi, Interim Faculty Program Director & Assistant Professor, Management

  • Maleeha Khan, Executive Director of Graduate Programs, College of Business

  • Serena Hoffman, Graduate Programs Advisor, Executive and Professional Programs

  • Jenna Kirsten Nool, Student Assistant, College of Business Graduate Programs Office

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