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Add "Board Member" to Your Resume

Updated: Apr 10

Several positions on the OEMBA Board are opening up this summer. Learn how you can participate.

Serving on a board offers so many benefits: honing your strategic planning, financial decision-making, public speaking, and leadership skills; and articulating ideas and negotiating. Plus, you get to meet lots of cool new people and "Board Member" looks great on your resume and LinkedIn profile!

Most of the current board has served since August, 2022. We're looking for new feet to fill our shoes in the following positions:

  • Board Co-chair (2) — Lead strategic planning initiatives and oversee board governance responsibilities

  • Secretary & Events Co-coordinator — Take meeting minutes and partner with the treasurer to lead event organization.

  • Marketing & Communications Officer — Manage the strategic communications calendar and provide consistent outreach to our EMBA community through the website, newsletters, flyers, event support (graphics, ads), etc. (This could be split into two positions.)

  • Social Media Officer Manage social communications on LinkedIn and Instagram.

  • Technology Officer — Manage Teams, Eventbrite, Microsoft account, Sharepoint, etc.

  • New position: Cohort Liaisons — Ideally, we'd love a representative from each cohort since the EMBA program started. The liaisons will be the communication glue between their respective cohorts and the board. Liaisons may also help with events and marketing.

Board positions last from one to two years with an opportunity to renew. The group meets once per month, with additional ad hoc meetings in preparation for events. Most meetings are held virtually, with one or two in-person per year. Time spent doing your board job is typically 4-8 hours per month.

Interested? Email us at


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