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COB 3: An Amster-dam Good Time

Last week, COB 3 returned from their whirlwind educational trip to the Netherlands, where they enjoyed four company visits in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Read below to learn about Portera Technologies, Blended Finance Advisors, the World Horti Center, and the Port of Rotterdam.

Above: Generating energy for a fantastic educational trip in the land of tulips.

Below left: Remembering Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn, the world-famous Dutch Golden Age painter, printmaker and draughtsman.

Above right: COB 3 in front of Oba, the Amsterdam Public Library Foundation.

Below: The cohort met with Baris Kavakli (front row, blue shirt), the founder & managing director at Portera Technologies. Portera orchestrates technology to help businesses structure and develop total digital strategies that deliver against business objectives. Their main goal is to convert technology to a commercial driver by leveraging state of the art technology to enable data-driven decision making.

Above and below: The World Horti Center focuses on research, education and business. HortiXperts Sjoerd Nieboer and Pierre Grootscholten took COB 3 on a tour through all facets of the horticulture sector's ultramodern developments. The cohort learned about all of the latest innovations in greenhouse horticulture.

Below: The group got a guided tour of the Port of Rotterdam by Rosanne van Houwelingen, researcher at Erasmus University Rotterdam, Erasmus Centre for Urban, Port and Transport Economics from the University.

Not pictured: Harald Walkate from Route 17 Blended Finance Advisors discussed the company's vision of a world where we have the financial architecture needed to fund—from a combination of private, public, and philanthropic sources—solutions to our most pressing problems. Route 17 develops SDG-aligned investment strategies and allocations, identifies and creates investable options to implement them, and verifies investment outcomes.


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