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COB4 Chills in Chile

Updated: Feb 5

This past fall, COB4 had an exciting visit to Chile, where they engaged in five local business experiences.

Read below to learn more about the entrepreneur panel, Invest Chile, Generadora Metropolitana, Fundación Origen, and Viña Casa Marin.

Above and right: COB4 donned some stylish hard hats for their tour of Generadora Metropolitana, an electrical power plant, with their guide and speaker, Market Regulation and Planning Manager Sebastián Romero Moreau (front, kneeling).

Above: The group visited Invest Chile, the public agency in Chile's Ministry of Economy that is responsible for promoting Chile in the global market as a destination for foreign direct investment, serving as a bridge between the interests of overseas investors and the business opportunities the country offers, and providing world-class services that are in line with Chile’s economic development policies. Investment Promotion Officer Carolina Moreno (2nd from right) and Competitive Intelligence Executive Javier Gonzalez (8th from left) spoke.

Above: Our intrepid travelers heard from an entrepreneur panel. Speakers included:

  • Cris Hernandez (7th from left), founder at Mapoteca, a geospatial engine, which is a collection of technologies that allow them to enhance primary customer data through their propriety data and algorithms. This reveals new business opportunities, process efficiencies and the generation of new insights.

  • Camilo Lopez (8th from left), CEO at Adereso, an omnichannel helpdesk that allows companies to centralize WhatsApp Business API, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Email and much more.

  • Isidora Azolas (10th from left), co-founder at Pagana, a circular women's fashion company. Through the reuse of disused jeans, they create unique new clothing items by decentralizing the manufacturing process to integrate women who live in vulnerable socioeconomic environments.

Above: At Viña Casa Marin, the group says "¡Salud!" as Commercial Director Jamie Verbraak (center, kneeling) talks terroir. (Wait, what?! You can't see anyone? Too much vino??)

Above and below: A new feature in the EMBA international study program is a service-learning activity. COB4 visited Fundación Origen, a non-profit institution whose fundamental mission is to improve the quality of education through original programs, promoting leadership that generates the conditions for living in peace and a regenerative development that sustains life for all members of our planet. The cohort took workshops on harvesting cilantro, planting chard seedlings, picking seed pods in the flower garden, and composting.

COB4 also got to enjoy some down time at La Moneda, the Chilean "White House" (above), and San Cristóbal Hill/Santiago Metropolitan Park (below), the third-highest point in the city. The summit is reached Funicular de Santiago, a type of cable railway system that connects points along a railway track laid on a steep slope.


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